Micro MT PLUS Urban inline Skate - Yellow


Product Description

The MT PLUS Urban Inline Skate is an upgraded version of the original Micro MT. This skate is fully customizable to the specific taste of each user. This is a large, heavy-duty construction polypropylene shell that provides a snug fit. Removable and adjustable cuff in high resistance polypropylene. With a large amount of side and bottom vents, this skate provides the right amount of air to keep your foot dry while skating. Thick padding, removable and washable liner, with shock absorbing pad underneath.

The MT plus includes a durable safety locking buckle and a 45 degree micro-ratchet ankle strap. A huge replaceable side protector that helps you protect the trunk shell from scratches. High quality NC 6000 series aluminum frame with 4 super high rebound wheels that provides a smooth ride while maintaining a lower profile to lower the center of gravity with increased speed and handling.


Shell: High strength polypropylene
Liner: perfectly fitted lining
Cuff: : High strength polypropylene
Clamping system: safety lock buckle and 45 degree ratchet ankle buckle
Frame: high quality 6000 series aluminum
Bearings: ABEC5
Wheels: * 36-38: 4x76mm * 39-45: 4x80mm 85A Round profile polyurethane wheels