Micro Beat Urban inline Skate - White/Black


Beat Your Best, Beat The Rest.
Navigate the city in style on this exceptional urban skate. The Micro Beat has a super comfortable microfiber upper on a high strength polypropylene base. It is a very light skate designed to last. The cuff is made of the same material as the base. The comfortable liner is removable, washable and has lace loops to pull your laces to give you more support on this Ferris wheel setup.
Durable safety locking buckle and 45 degree micro velcro ankle strap.
Huge side pads to help protect the skate from scratches. You can choose from 2 different wheel configurations. 3x100mm super high rebound wheels with 235mm CNC 6000 series high quality aluminum frame or 3x110mm super high rebound wheels with 243mm CNC 6000 series high quality aluminum frame.
The larger the wheel, the fewer spins you need to travel a greater distance.
A lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with increased speed and maneuverability.

  • White colour
  • Upper: High quality composition leather
  • Lining: Perfectly fitted lining
  • Cuff: high resistance polypropylene
  • Locking: Safety locking buckle, 45 degree ratchet ankle buckle and Velcro toe strap
  • Frame: high quality 6000 series aluminum (3 wheel adjustment)
  • Bearings: ABEC 9
  • Wheels: * 35-40: 3 × 100mm * 41-44: 3 × 110mm