Micro SR Super Urban inline Skate - Black/White


The Super features colorful customizable pieces that can be interchanged as any skater wishes.

A very resistant polypropylene-based sleeve offers great maneuverability and good support while being very light.
Polyurethane and composite leather upper allows the skate to wrap around your foot and give it a good fit.
The removable side protector is larger than most skates on the market, which helps protect your skates from shoe scuffs.
It includes shin safety buckle, 45 degree ratchet strap for proper healing lockdown, and Velcro toe strap.
A high quality 6000 series aluminum frame with 4 × 85A round profile high rebound polyurethane wheels and Pro9 bearings to give you a great ride.

  • Color: blue / red / white / black
  • Upper: polyurethane and leather composite
  • Cuff: high resistance polypropylene
  • Lining: New and improved black boot liner whose toe area features 3-way stretch SBR material that covers two sizes
  • Shell: high resistance polypropylene
  • Locking: Safety locking buckle, 45 degree ratchet ankle buckle and Velcro toe strap
  • Frame: high quality 6000 series aluminum
  • Bearings: Slalom PRO9
  • Wheels: * 36-39: 4x76mm * 40-44: 4x80mm 85A Round profile polyurethane wheels