187 Pro Knee Pad - Black

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The Pro Knee is the ultimate in knee protection. It is the preferred choice for environments where rugged protection is essential. Offering unparalleled safety through proven technologies and premium materials, the Pro Knee is the trusted choice of professional skaters and elite athletes around the world.


V-22 ™ Dual Density Foam - Specially formulated to provide the perfect combination of cushion and protection for multiple hard impacts.

187 Killer Pads® Lock-In ™ Cap System - Secures and aligns removable cap in correct position

187 proven Killer Pads® design elements
  • Lightweight, quick-drying inner lining
  • Seamless interior finish for ultimate comfort
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching ensures durability
  • Three panel construction for reliable performance
  • Open back design for a great fit and quick on and off