Rollerblade Twister Edge 110 3WD urban skate

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Product Description

Twister Edge 110 3WD is a very versatile urban skate with 3WD technology. The new anatomic Transfer sockliner offers superior support with additional cushioning and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The V-cut lining provides breathability for comfort while the molded boots with an anti-twist sole create an ideal fit. Aluminum plates and side sliders are integrated into the 3WD turntable, increasing power transfer and control. The 110mm Hydrogen wheels coupled with ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings provide deep grip and more speed. The secure closure system includes 45 degree micro-buckles and lacing. The 3WD brake is optional and sold separately. Twister Edge 110 3WD is an excellent blend of premium fit, optimal support and advanced handling for every urban skater.

NEW LINER WITH TRANSFER - Liner with anatomical transfer for increased support. Optimal padding with a V-cut lining and shock absorption system in the heel.

VERY VERSATILE - Created for urban, fitness, commuting and leisure. Molded shell with anti-torsion system.

SOPHISTICAL CLOSING SYSTEM - Cuff loop, micro-adjustable 45 ° buckles and precise lacing fit (extra pair of laces included)

3WD ALUMINUM EXTRUDE PLATE - Top quality 255mm / 10 "stage, race axles, laterally adjustable

HYDROGEN ELITE-PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 110mm / 85A made in USA wheels with a dual-density urethane formula for ultimate performance, less vibration and excellent wear. Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed.




Fit upgraded, Twister Edge, molded, vented, V-cut, side slider, 3WD Ready

Liner (LINER)

Premium, heel reinforcement, ankle pockets, V-cut, expert liner, shock absorber

Clamping system

Cuff buckle that locks, micro-adjustable 45 ° buckle, laces (extra pair in the box)

Platinum (FRAME)

3WD Extruded aluminum (max 110mm) 255mm / 10 ", stroke axles, laterally adjustable


Hydrogen 110mm / 85A Made in USA


Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus