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50/50 was founded in 1994 with a focus on making inline skating better. For years, 50/50 has been recognized for the Grindplate, which aims to make grinds easier, with a mix of plastic and metal. The design evolved until the skate frame became the grindplate. This innovation therefore created a secondary market for frames and a replacement for the original frames that normally come with skates.

The brand is therefore recognized in particular for its grindplates and frames, which made them famous and which helped build the market for interchangeable parts on inline skates, for more customization, from the inline skates of the brands. current. The brand is famous mainly for its frames, but also offers other products and accessories like skate wheels, backpack and clothing.

50/50 is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of parts and accessories in the aftermarket, predominantly for aggressive inline skating, with one goal in mind: make skating better. Among other things, there are several models of frames and wheels for aggressive skating.