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Rollerblade's mission is to inspire people to move freely on wheels. 

In 1980, two hockey brothers from Minnesota discovered an old inline skate and quickly adopted it for their summer training. They made improvements to the skate and designed skate models in their basement in Minneapolis, eventually founding the company that would become Rollerblade. In their early days, it was mainly hockey players who were interested in these inline skates and also cross-country and alpine skiers who used skating as a complementary sport. Several efforts were then made in Florida, Minnesota and California to position inline skating as a new sport in the 1980s.

Through distribution by sporting goods retailers, events and competitions, Rollerblade has therefore contributed to making inline skates a mainstream market, distributed internationally.

Rollerblade is now recognized as a leader in the market and in the industry, through technological innovations, lighter, more resistant skates and competitive prices. Rollerblade is responsible, among other things, for the use of polyurethane boots and wheels, metal frames, double ball bearings and heel brakes.