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Introducing our aggressive inline skates, sure to turn heads at the skatepark or on the street! We have exclusive brands such as Razors, Roces, Them, Remz, Kaltik, USD and more. These are the perfect skates for performing jumps, grinds and other tricks with durable components and a lower center of gravity.

Aggressive type inline skates or rollerblades mostly refer to skaters who perform tricks in the city or in a skatepark. They have a particular more rigid and resistant construction and a design suitable for the skatepark. These aggressive inline skates usually have padded liners and a hard boot for added protection and to aid in sliding (grinds). They also have typically smaller wheels for better control and more maneuverability. Because for aggressive skaters, gliding and grinding is more important than rolling and speed!

The majority of aggressive inline skates are fully customizable, whether it's the liner, wheels, frame, bearings, or other parts. Consult our collections to see the accessories that could complete your perfect kit!

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