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Shop all of our aggressive inline skating gear, including inline skates, frames, wheels, accessories, boots, liners and more. We have the most reputable brands on the market such as Kaltik, Razors, Intuition, Them Skates, Roces, 50/50, Razors, Ground Control, Dead, Seba, USD Skates, Powerslide and more.

Aggressive inline skating is a term for the style of skating that is associated with the skatepark. They are skaters who like to do tricks and jumps in the streets or in the park. 

Aggressive inline skating requires special equipment, which must be adapted to the different possible figures and tricks, with more cushioning and more robustness to resist shocks and friction on the rails and other obstacles.

Features of aggressive inline skates include stronger, more responsive frames and typically smaller wheels for more control. We generally recommend 52 to 60mm wheels with a hardness between 88 and 100A.

There are two popular types of mounts: the ''flat'' mount with four flat wheels for better practice on the ramps and in the skatepark, allowing a little more stability and speed. The ''anti-rocker'' assembly is the assembly of choice with two small wheels in the center and two larger wheels at the ends to facilitate slides and other tricks.