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Ennui Elite inline Skate Helmet
NoirWhiteYELLOWWheeladdictWhite and red+ 2 more
K2 inline skate helmet
NoirWhiteYELLOWSeafoamMauve+ 2 more
Pro-Tec Classic inline skate Helmet - Multiple Colors
Matte GrayMatte LavenderMatte BlueMatte BlackGloss WhiteRasta GreenMatte Bright Red+ 4 more
Pro-Tec Classic Certified Helmet - Multiple Colors
Matte GrayMatte BlackMatte OliveGloss WhiteMatte Bright RedMatte Lavender+ 3 more

Shop your ice skates at Solo now, getting the same attentive service, expert advice and free express delivery. Choose from the best value for money brands for adults and opt for adjustable skates for your children. Choice of skates for men, women, junior, hockey, artistic and for strolls on ice trails or at the skating rink!

When you are passionate, there is no low season for our sport! To continue using your inline skates this winter, several options are possible. You can opt for a frame and ice blade or simply remove your wheels to interchange with an ice blade with a conversion kit.

For more information, see our blog post which acts as a buying guide for choosing the best option to convert your inline skates into an ice skate.

Contact us to find out the model suitable for your configuration!