Solo et les Auberges du Coeur revalorisent vos anciens patins à roues alignées

Solo and Auberges du Coeur recycle your old inline skates

This Earth Day month, Solo is proud to launch its new inline skate recycling and upcycling program in collaboration with Maison Tangente and the Auberges du Coeur from Montreal. From now on you...
April 21, 2023
Les 9 étapes à considérer pour choisir le bon patin à roues alignées

9 things to consider when choosing the right inline skates for you

One of the questions new skaters ask the most is: "How do I choose the right inline skate?". Many are intimidated by the vast selection that is offered these days....
April 14, 2023
Obtiens les même patins rétro que Ryan Gosling et Margot Robbie du film Barbie!

Get the same retro neon rolleblades as Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie from the Barbie movie!

With the release of photos last June on the set of the Barbie movie, it is now clear that rollerblade is back! The film, which will be released in 2023,...
April 02, 2023
Patin à roues alignées tout-terrain dans la neige l'hiver

5 Ways To Stay Active this winter for inline skate enthusiasts

It is obvious that we cannot continue to practice rollerblading outside in winter when the streets are snowy. But that doesn't mean you have to give up this sport until spring arrives. In this blog post, discover 5 ways you can stay active during the winter if you practice inline skating.

January 18, 2023
Le guide cadeaux 2023 pour les patineurs

The 2023 gift guide for bladers

The Solo 2023 gift guide, perfect for inline skate enthusiats and rollerbladers The end of the year festivities is fast approaching. After 2 years of pandemic, the end-of-year celebrations in...
December 08, 2022
Connaissez-vous nos pièces d'origine exclusives pour patins à roues alignées?

Do you know our exclusive stock parts for inline skates?

What are these inline skate parts that Solo Inline offers that you don't see elsewhere? These are stock parts: frames already assembled with wheels and bearings, replacement liners and assembled wheels, always...
November 11, 2022
5 raisons d'être excités en vue de la Blading Cup 2022

5 reasons to be excited for the 2022 Blading Cup

The weekend of November 4 to 6, 2022 will be the 11th edition of the Blading Cup in Santa Ana, California. In the fall of 2021, a large Solo Inline...
November 04, 2022
patin à roues alignées tout-terrain off-road inline skates powerslide suv

5 things to know about off-road inline skating

Did you know that it is now possible to go rollerblading even on surfaces that are not paved? Off-road skating has been gaining popularity since 2018. It is now time for inline skaters to think outside the box. Sounds interesting? Here are 5 things to know for the practice of this sport:

September 20, 2022
Les meilleurs conseils pour choisir les bons patins à roues alignées pour enfants

Top tips for choosing the right kids inline skates

When it comes to buying inline skates for kids, there are several things to consider. It is important that your child feels safe, comfortable and confident, in order to enjoy this sport to the fullest and progress.
April 19, 2022
Le guide ultime d'entretien des patins à roues alignées

The Ultimate Inline Skate Maintenance Guide

Prepare your skates for your first outing! Here's a checklist and basic maintenance to make sure your inline skates are in good shape for the start of the season! It is essential to check the wear of the brakes, bearings, wheels and the general condition of your skates.
March 31, 2022
comparatif des patins à roues alignées à 3 roues vs 4 roues les différences

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Inline Skates: Which Should I Get?

What's the difference between 3 wheel and 4 wheel inline skates? This is a question we regularly receive from customers who want to purchase an inline skate or upgrade them with new wheels. Let's analyze the pros and cons of each configuration and get our tips for making the right choice.
January 18, 2022
conversion d'un patin à roues alignées en patin à glace

How to convert inline skates to ice skates - Buying Guide

Use this guide to learn more and choose the best option to enjoy winter on the ice, with your inline skates! We have several options for converting your inline skates to ice skates. You can opt for a frame and ice blade or just remove your wheels to interchange them with an ice blade with a conversion kit.


January 03, 2022