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Find here a wide selection of fitness-type inline skates and rollerblades for recreational use, ranging from simple outings, training and performance, to long demanding outings! You will find light and fast inline skates for men and women from brands such as Rollerblade, FR, Roces, Micro, K2, Powerslide and more. Recreational inline skates are the most popular skates for those who don't want to rack their brains and just pick up their skates and go enjoy them, whether on the streets around the house or on a bike path. They usually have a soft, lightweight, comfortable, breathable boot and include a brake (which is usually removable).

We also have some models of speed inline skates, for serious skaters looking for fitness or competition skates. The purpose of these skates is to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible. They have special features, such as a shorter boot in height, very efficient bearings and typically larger wheels, for better acceleration and top speed.

Also shop our urban (street) style inline skates, which are the hybrid between fitness skates and aggressive skates. They are the perfect balance between aggressiveness and functionality for long distances, while allowing tricks and jumps with street furniture, depending on what the street in front of you offers! These skates are becoming more and more popular and allow you to do tricks, while performing well over long distances. It's usually thanks to oversized wheels and a suitable boot that allows you to do just about anything you can think of while rolling down the street in the city!

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