We are a new shop dedicated to inline skating in Montreal and we act as a specialist in inline skating in Quebec, while serving Canada! Solo Inline Shop is a shop located in the heart of Montreal, with experts to guide you.

In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, Solo Inline Shop became the first shop dedicated to inline skating in Quebec, offering several product lines for many customers, both in-store and online. We define ourselves as an essential reference in Quebec and Canada in the world of skating.

We are working hard to import new exclusive brands to Canada, to offer you the best choice and brands that stand out in the market.

The interest in promoting the passion for skating of the two associate owners of the store is genuine and reflects the growing interest of the community in the world of inline skating. Since the beginning and when the years will go by, it will always be the same passion of the team which will remain and guide our actions. 

Let's keep writing the Solo Inline story together and until then let's make every time to go skating!


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