THEM SKATES 909 Black Complete aggressive inline skate



This skate is on pre-order and will be delivered in September

Thems 909 are now available in 2 new sizes 

The ''Not so extra small'' 7-7.5 Inner hull length: 259 mm

and the ''Shmedium'' 9-9.5 Inner hull length: 289 mm

Jon Julio has been pushing the industry forward for decades and after years of hard work he was able to release his very own skate mould, the 909!

Les soulplates Them 30:

WIDER and thickened inner walls for greater durability.

LES Frames street THEM :
Frame UFS
Position basse du H-block
For flat or anti-rocker wheel setups
Durable low-friction material, made of glass-filled nylon 
Precision machined aluminum frame spacer
Custom steel axles, with an asymmetrical head - only requires a tool to tighten or loosen
Low ride height - 30mm from top of frame to mid axles.
110mm distance between middle wheels
Fits wheels up to 58mm
Size 1: 250mm
Size 2: 270mm


XS: 5/6  US 24.5cm
NSXS: 7/7.5 US 25.5cm
S: 8/8.5  US 26.5cm
SHMD: 9/9.5 US 27.5cm
M: 10/10.5 US 28.5cm
L: 11/11.5 US 


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